Matteo Pedercini

Millennium Institute (MI) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organisation working with stakeholders to meet the challenges of sustainable development (SDGs). Their work spans across countries and regions across the globe where they help governments and institutions identify strategies that offer all people access to food, water, health care, education, and equal opportunities for women and men. 

We collaborate with Matteo from Millennium Institute on modelling the SDGs on different levels, such as national, regional and city level.

Valeria Jana Schwanitz

Valeria Jana is an energy economist with experience in first-principle models, energy system modeling, and empirical analysis of coupled human-nature systems in the context of climate change and sustainable development.

We collaborate with Valeria Jana from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences on projects related to sustainable energy system development.

Paul James

Paul is a social theorist focusing on is globalisation and its impact upon social relations, social change and the human condition and sustainability with an emphasis on sustainable urbanisation. These areas of focus are integrated through an approach to social theory called ‘engaged theory’, encompassing questions of social formation, social integration and ontological tension.

We collaborate with Paul on sustainable development assessment for projects on different levels.